Chris Cornell Talks Reaction To Kurt Cobain’s Death: ‘There’s No Silver Lining To This’


Chris Cornell discussed the November 2015 terrorist attack on Eagles of Death Metal’s show at the Bataclan in Paris on KISW’s Men’s Room yesterday, and how he had difficulty finding a way to talk about the show to his own live audience, especially having played the same venue a few years prior. Alternative Nation transcribed a couple of quotes.

“Normally when a horrible thing, a tragedy, you go out on stage, and you talk about it, and you try to say something. Either you are sort of flooded with emotion, or you’re pissed off, and you go out and yell and scream. That was a situation where I felt like, I don’t think I really want to bring this up now while there’s an audience sitting in seats the same way the audience was sitting in those seats watching Eagles of Death Metal. Innocent people just out trying to relax and see a rock show, and forget about the day for a minute. That’s all they were guilty of.”

He also discussed Kurt Cobain’s death.

“It’s something that happened I think when Kurt died. At the time, I think people considered me someone that was somewhat together (laughs). I don’t know why, they didn’t know me, so I was getting calls to participate in interviews where I think they kind of wanted to hear somebody say a positive thing. I remember saying, ‘There’s no silver lining to this. There’s nothing good to say about this.’ It’s a horrible thing.”