Chris Cornell Talks ‘Stupid’ Temple of the Dog Legal Battle


Chris Cornell discussed the legal battle over the Temple of the Dog master tapes in a new interview with Rolling Stone Australia.

“I don’t think so. It’s kind of a stupid thing. Unfortunately the band is not really part of this dispute. Temple of the Dog had a contract with A&M Records and there are specifics in that and it’s A&M Records that owns the masters, and doesn’t have them. And if anyone besides them would have the right to own them it would certainly be us first. But ultimately legally it’s not a fight that we can ever be in. It’s a strange thing.”

He also discussed balancing his solo career with working on a new Soundgarden record, “Yeah. If I’m not on tour or making an album for myself I’m always focusing on Soundgarden. It’s kind of what I do. And in the last five years it’s been pretty amazing to be able to do this acoustic solo career simultaneously with Soundgarden, which is like this sonic assault. And to be able to bounce back between the two always feels refreshing.”