Ex-Girlfriend Mourns Scott Weiland: ‘He Was A Tender Lover’


Paz de la Huerta recently paid tribute to her ex-boyfriend Scott Weiland on Instagram following his death. Paz dated Weiland from 2008 to 2009, appearing in his “Paralysis” music video. At the time of their relationship Weiland was 40 years old, while Paz was 23.

“A true love of mine … A gift from God to this world … Tender … Loving … Resilient … Honorable … Integrity … His Love Boundless … I am shattered … This is beyond tragic on so many levels for so many people … Especially for his beautiful children … Love and prayers … Love and prayers … Love and Prayers …”

She also posted lyrics to the Stone Temple Pilots song “Atlanta” on her Instagram. “She lives by the wall and waits by the door … She walks in the sun to me … Memories of candles and incense and all of these things … Remember thee … She lives by the wall and waits by the door she walks in the sun to me …”

Paz was involved in a big controversy in May of 2008 during Stone Temple Pilots’ reunion tour in New Jersey when Scott and Paz reportedly wouldn’t leave Scott’s trailer leading to the band coming out 90 minutes late. Robert DeLeo yelled at Scott’s trailer calling him Axl according to Opie and Anthony. When Scott and Paz emerged Robert told Scott to “get your bitch off my tour.” Scott then promptly told her to leave.