Chris Cornell Wanted Rock Hall of Fame ‘Help’ Before Death


Chris Cornell made tweets about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the last decade of his life, including asking how he could help a band get nominated, as he wanted to help Rush get in at the time.

“So I wanna help Rush get into R&R hall of fame. Who knows anything about getting someone nominated? I should know this stuff but I don't.”

“Just arrived in Cleveland, home of the R&R hall of fame. (and the Cavs.) I am going to try to play the show without a Spinal tap reference.”

“Just jammed with HEART! and RUSH! RnR hall of fame rehearsal and tomorrow FOGERTY! FUCK, SHIT, OMGMFS!”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just announced its 2019 nominees, and Soundgarden were yet again snubbed. Echoing Chris’ tweet about Rush, how do we get Soundgarden nominated for the Hall of Fame? Click here to contact the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and let them know what you think!