Chris Cornell Was Planning Surprising Duet Two Days Before Death


Chris Cornell’s lawyer and his family’s spokesman Kirk Pasich discussed one of the final conversations he had with Cornell just two days before his May 2017 death in a recent LawDragon interview.

“I’d been in touch with Chris just a couple of days earlier. We had a project in mind for Chris that he and I had started to talk about that would have been a duet with one of the artists on our label. It would have taken Chris in a little bit different direction, but with his death in Detroit, I ended up as sort of the point person at the family’s request with the media and on the legal issues.”

He also discussed being a spokesman for Chris Cornell’s family.

“I’ve been the primary spokesperson for Chris Cornell’s family, and it’s really the second time where I’ve been in the news a lot. As I said, it’s not something I try to do for me. The representation of our clients is about our clients and it’s not about me.

The number of high-profile clients we’ve represented would probably surprise a lot of people. My first foray into the news was one of these things where I was at Paul Hastings in 1987. I was still an associate, and I got a phone call from one of our partners in our Washington, D.C., office desperately looking for someone in Los Angeles to help in a matter for a jazz musician. He’d been referred the matter by a lawyer who had once been in the band led by Woody Herman. “