Chris Cornell Reveals Why He Had To Be Hospitalized: ‘It Was A Scary Thing’


Chris Cornell discussed being hospitalized for a migraine when Soundgarden were recording Badmotorfinger in a new Billboard interview.

“I remember years ago, we were doing Badmotorfinger, and I saw some drama on the Holocaust with Willem Defoe as a boxer [Triumph of the Spirit]. I watched it late at night, and I woke up the next morning and we were flying from Sausalito back to Seattle. I got a migraine so bad that I had to be hospitalized.

The blood vessels had expanded so much in my brain that I couldn’t really talk. I could see that this was blue [points to a bottle], but I couldn’t remember the word that was the symbol for the color blue. It was a scary thing and I’ve never had that since, but it’s stuck with me that there’s some part of me that has a hard time with that on some level that’s way more intense than I would have expected.”