Metallica Member Looks Bald In New Photo


Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich has debuted a new look in an awesome new photo, with his head looking balder (though it could be the angle) and the rock icon sporting a bad ass beard. Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan recently mocked Lars Ulrich’s feud with Napster.

“MMan!! Happy 21st Birthday to the coolest of the cool. From one adventure to the next, the world is yours, ready for you to leave your mark. You feeling it? Fuck yeah I’m feeling it!! Kul på, mere kul på!! I Love you Myles! #wanna.”

Ulrich recently wrote a birthday message to James Hetfield, “Happiest of birthdays to my brother of 438 years… As I always say….we’re just getting started! Love ya big man! #wanna 📸 by @rosshalfin.”

A Metallica fan told a touching story about what James Hetfield did for him in a hotel room. Ulrich wrote about a recent show, “Moscow…. now that was a full on fuckin next level Rock Show!!!!

Incredible to be back at Luzhniki stadium again after 12 years and the World Cup renovation.. it felt like I could reach out and touch everyone of you!! I never imagined that kind of intimacy with almost 70.000 like minded souls.

Thank you for rolling out from near and far..some of you I meet had traveled from Vladivostok, Belarus, Turkey…. and of course, extra fuck yeahs to our ever faithful who are spending their summer running away with the Rock n’ Roll circus. I see you every night and it makes my Danish heart warm and fuzzy. What a a way to end an otherworldly and insane leg.. cya in Bucharest not fuckin soon enough!!! #wanna #MetInMoscow #WorldWired.” Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted was recently disrespected after a famous star forgot his name.