Chris Cornell Widow Details Kurt Cobain Confrontation


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky Cornell discussed Kurt Cobain’s confrontation with Axl Rose at the MTV Video Music Awards in a new interview.

Vicky told Rolling Stone Italy in a roughly translated quote, “The same is true as before. Soundgarden had been on tour with Guns. Chris was a fan of the group and considered Axl an underrated author.

The famous confrontation with Cobain didn’t help. People took sides, it’s party game. But today it is ridiculous to still think that Axl was the sexist macho and Cobain the champion of the rights of all. They were people full of contradictions. Like each of us. Unfortunately we have not seen some of them grow old. In any case, I didn’t know him at the time, but today Axl is a true gentleman.”

Vicky Cornell also recently shared rare photos of Chris, writing, “Here are some of my favorite pics of Chris that I chose for the album cover… It’s always great when it’s a friend who’s behind the lens!

Ross photographed Chris all over the world for years and they became good friends. Ross always had Chris (and me) cracking up laughing you see it in all his pics.

So lucky and grateful that he documented this, as Chris was so comfortable – you get a real inside look- it’s super special ! And I love his story because in typical Ross fashion he pulls no punches! And it’s what Chris loved most about him!”