Chris Cornell’s Widow Details ‘Truth’ About Death: ‘I’m Angry And Want My Husband Back’


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky recently discussed his death in Instagram comments with fans on a photo of the family with Soundgarden’s surviving members at the recent MoPOP statue unveiling.

nicifrog wrote, “Ugh I can’t look at his kids in this photo. Breaks my heart. Smiling thru unimaginable pain. #loudlove”

Vicky Cornell responded, “Thank you for understanding – our children smile they take their pain and try to turn it into positive. Seeing how beloved their daddy is helps lift them as does all the love they feel around them. We continue to bear the unbearable and thank you for standing beside us through it #loudlove.”

Jerahmaya wrote, “Not over it. I’m sure no one in this picture is either. How unnecessary. I’m usually angry with people who cash out early and never get past that phase.”

“Loss. I’m usually stuck at anger. People who have left in my own life are no different. I understand mental illness yadda yadda so no need to explain. I’ve been through it. Still miss this man. I think anger keeps them alive longer because it’s an emotion we normally attribute to those who are living.”

Vicky responded, “It’s ok I understand and truth is Chris should be here. I understand the anger – I’m angry and I want my husband back. I will not allow his death to go in vain…#loudlove thank you for being real.”