Foo Fighters Recorded Grunge Classic With Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic


IamYOUareMEtoo uploaded a video tour of Foo Fighters’ museum from the Cal Jam 2018 festival. Many rare Foo items from over the years are shown, including Grammys, magazine covers, Saturday Night Live passes, and more. You can watch the video below.

There is a tape seen called ‘Crazy Tune in A’ and ‘6-19-94 Demos.’ The 6-19 tape includes “I’ll Stick Around” and “Watershed.” There is also a demo tape of a version of Foo Fighters’ first ever 1995 hit single “This Is A Call” featuring Krist Novoselic which has never seen the light of day. It’s unclear exactly when the rare version of the Grunge classic was recorded, but it would appear to be in 1994, or possibly 1993. Grohl and Novoselic worked on some Foo Fighters material during Nirvana’s final January 1994 recording session, which featured the recording of “You Know You’re Right”.

Dave Grohl wrote many songs that later appeared on Foo Fighters’ first album during his days with Nirvana, but he didn’t present too many of them to Kurt Cobain to become Nirvana songs.

Alternative Nation transcribed Grohl’s comments to the Chart Beat podcast, “When I joined Nirvana I had a basement studio at my house in Seattle. During breaks in-between touring I’d record things by myself almost in a therapeutic way, to keep the muscle moving. when you’re in a band like Nirvana, you don’t necessarily want to introduce your music into the grand scheme of the music.

When you’re in a band with the greatest songwriter of our generation, you don’t want to stroll in the cassette and say: ‘Hey, I have a song I think we should play.’ We have some pretty good songs already, so I was just kind of hiding these things away in my basement.

Once Nirvana was over, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I [kind of picked] 12 or 13 of the tons of songs I’d recorded, and decided to do it properly in an actual recording studio down the street from my house. I spent 5 days and made 100 cassettes, and just kind of gave them to people, and that’s when it turned into a band.”