Chris Cornell’s Widow Opens Up About ‘Witch Hunt’ And Junkie Stigma


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky recently talked with fans in Instagram comments about prescription drugs, terrible false accusations and online bullying she’s suffered, the stigma involved with people who equate the word junkie and substance use disorder, and more. Vicky recently joined the Advisory Board at the Addiction Policy Forum.

starshine73 wrote, “Loud Love to you and your family and lots of healing love @vickycornell @tonivasil1 the attacks on her children are sickning, attacking a family thats grieving is sickining. Never mind these people sometimes they want to hurt to to feel important or something. You and @talinda320 are out there putting your hearts out there to the world, and teying to educate others about addiction, ect… the side effects of prescription drugs are real i personally know from my own experience. I had a pyschic drug for anxeity make me feel very disproportionated i had days where i lost time, thought id eaten dinner when my roomate said wake up your face is in your food i looked up literally i belived i had alredy eayen and she said no its in ur lap and all over ur face .

I was having memory fog depression these 2 prescriptions messed me up . I couldnt think clearly for 6 mos vicky its true i never in my life knew or believed it would do this to me . These people saying to educate yourself and think they know it all based on thier experience remember every person is different on how they react to treatment drugs my psychiatrist told me this he documented my behaviour from the day we first had me on new meds through the changing of meds, even when he took me off 1 to see where and what was msking me fall down, memory issuess, issues of feeling worse with my anxeity , panic attacks and depression. Its not a joke its not the matter of being educated . Its the simple fact everyones body chemical imbalances react different then the next peron .

You msy not have any issues with xanax where as it made me loose my mind i dont like that drug or Prstique. So maybe educating one self is getting the facts and speaking to others who did have a similiar or same experiences. This is why people get mis unformation on this stiff they arecquick to judge . Taldina and Vicky are so strong and they are trying to bring awareness bring people together to help each other . We are supposed to be helping and loving one another not dividing eachother.”

Vicky responded, “this is so true thank you for sharing. Everyone’s biochemistry is different. If we just look at side effects alone for any medication-while the majority of people might be fine there are others who show different side effects and they are listed. There are also medications that clearly state who should not be taking it. If someone has a peanut allergy would anyone say well everyone else is eating peanut butter…. Glad to hear your doctor has been closely monitoring it’s not just about monitoring someone with substance abuse disorder- when a doctor is prescribing SSRIs or any type of mind altering drugs, monitoring a patient is critical.” wrote to Vicky, “I apologize for such a lengthy reply to your post but I just cannot let ignorance go without correction if I know differently. #kindnessmatters #educateyourself.”

Vicky responded, “thank you for your thoughtful and truthful, fact based response. Unfortunately there are those who are simply on a witch hunt- the most horrific accusations. Then there are those who equate junkie with substance use disorder – it’s past time to #stopstigma My husband lost his life for nothing- this was completely preventable. My children’s and my cries fill our lives daily – it is a pain I do not wish on my worst enemy. My husband’s death will not go in vain. Over 21 million families are affected. If I knew then what I know now….”