Blake Red Premieres Masterpiece “Follow Me” Video


I had never heard Blake Red before seeing this video, and I’m so glad that I now have. Blake’s newest song, Follow Me, was released today with an accompanying music video. On this striking, alternative rock single, “Follow Me”, Blake Red unveils a departure from her heavy, kinetic signature style. The music is stripped back, allowing for the raw and vulnerable vocal track to shine. “Follow Me” reflects on mistakes made and a search for redemption. The result is equal parts confessional and power ballad, reminiscent of 90’s-era PJ Harvey.

The song is awesome and really whirls in and out of your head from start to finish. What I really love about the song is how it starts off very subtle, but then grows into this art piece that keeps putting more and more paint on the canvas.

When all of the paint comes together on the canvas, Blake Red shows off her masterpiece that is, Follow Me.

Now, not only is the song itself catchy with smoky vocals with pristine high notes, and great guitar and drum work; but the lyrics are great. “Follow me, you’ll find me soon.” and “If I could, I’d start again.” are words that I know we have all thought before. Blake Red puts the words out there that we are afraid to speak.

I am very hopeful for what comes next for Blake Red. The combination of older alternative rock influences and twisting in nuances of newer alternative create this sound that is fresh, but yet, reminiscent of memories that I’m sure many readers will relate to.

I can’t wait to see what’s next for Blake Red. Only great things are what I see for her future. Please remember that we are in hard times right now, please support these artists like you would your favorite bands.