Chris Cornell’s Widow Reacts To Grunge Legend Criticizing Death Lawsuit


Late Mother Love Bone singer Andrew Wood’s girlfriend Xana la Fuente recently tweeted criticizing Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky suing Dr. Robert Koblin for prescribing dangerous drugs to her late husband.

Xana la Fuente recently tweeted, “@vickycornell with respect I must say this I lived with Chris. He spoke of suicide a lot~ we WERE CLOSE. People hide their younger more immature self later in life but fundamentally they are the same person. His lyrics can be brought into court. Do not do this. Let him rest.”

Xanadu Dead responded, “I see multiple sides to this, but this doesn’t feel like the time or place for me to spout off…I will only say that I Love & appreciate both of you, and that I agree that we should let Chris rest now. He’s in a better place now. Period. #LoveRockPrevails.”

Vicky Cornell has now tweeted in response to both tweets, “No my husband is not in a better place the place he wanted to be is with his children and me. Enough already. There arent 2 sides- my husband should be here. I won’t rest until justice is served + people learn from this tragedy – his death will not go in vain #loudlove.”

You can view some of the Twitter conversation below.