Tool Member Reveals He Wears A Wig For Bizarre Reason


Tool and A Perfect Circle frontman Maynard James Keenan revealed why he wears a wig during many A Perfect Circle shows in a new Kerrang interview.

Speaking of that fine line: Eddie Izzard says there’s a sliding scale of cool, where it’s cool, cool, cool, wanker…

“(Laughs) The ‘wanker-meter’ is something you have to embrace. If you’re going to put on make-up, wear wigs and stupid clothes, you have to understand that the ‘wanker’ comments are coming. And I’m okay with that – it’s part of the character.”

When Billy Howerdel first played you the music that would become A Perfect Circle, why did it resonate with you?

“I thought, ‘Awesome – now I get to be a wanker!’ I could hear parts of The Cure, parts of Tones On Tail, parts of Love And Rockets, which was cool but conjured images of dudes in goth outfits. You’ve got to sell it: watching dudes in T-shirts and sneakers doing Shakespeare doesn’t quite sell it. There have to be some grandiose robes.”

A Perfect Circle recently wrapped up their Eat the Elephant tour, and Maynard James Keenan will next release a new album with Tool in mid-May to mid-July. Tool are set to tour North America in the spring and Europe in the summer.