Chris Cornell’s Daughter Shares Beautiful Photo With Soundgarden Member


Late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily recently shared a beautiful childhood photo on Instagram with Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron. She called it ‘my first selfie.’

Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron discussed playing his debut solo album Cavedweller for Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder. Cameron completed the album earlier in 2017, and played it for Cornell just two months prior to his death. Below is an excerpt of what Cameron told Rolling Stone.

Thirty years of work with Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder – inarguably two of the greatest singers of their era – made Cameron slightly unsure of his own vocal chops. “The vocal aspect was the toughest part for me,” he says. ” I’m pretty limited in terms of what I can do, but it’s better for me to do it all as opposed to bringing in a real singer and doing it that way even though my vocal prowess is very limited in comparison to Chris and Eddie.”

The album was finished before Cornell passed away. “I played some of it for him last March,” says Cameron. “He really liked it. He was always very supportive of me writing music for the band and kind of going for it. That was great. And I played some of it for Eddie and he really liked it, too. That felt great.”

Cameron will release Cavedweller on September 22nd.

01. “Time Can’t Wait”
02. “All At Once”
03. “Blind”
04. “Through The Ceiling”
05. “One Special Lady”
06. “In The Trees”
07. “Into The Fire”
08. “Real And Imagined”
09. “Unnecessary”