Could Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Be Siamese Dream 25th Anniversary Tour?


Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan discussed a possible reunion of the band’s original lineup in a new Team Rock interview:

With 2018 marking 25 years of Siamese Dream, it seems like as opportune a moment as any to, quite literally, get the band back together. “I really would like it to happen,” Corgan happily admits. “But you know, for someone who has a reputation as a control freak, I’m not trying to control the process. All I’ve said is only if it’s happy, only if it’s good, only if it leads organically to [that] place. So, whatever happens, if it happens, it’ll be because it’s a good vibe. For once in my life I’m willing to give [people] what [they’d] like to see, no problem. No funny set list, no agenda, strictly let’s have a fucking party and let’s really fucking celebrate.”

So, William Patrick Corgan. In many ways, the musician remains as mysterious and confusing at the end of this interview as he ever has been. The former “control freak” who has offered the future of his band into the hands of others, who has produced a forward-facing album by tapping directly into his past, and who, after years of angst and turmoil, seems positively relaxed about the future. Corgan has a typically esoteric way to describe how he got here as we wrap up our interview. “At some point, the puppy goes paws up,” he offers as our chat draws to a close. “That’s how I feel like now… I’m paws up.”