Chris Cornell’s Daughter Sings About Angels On Emotional Song


Chris Cornell and Susan Silver’s daughter Lily Cornell Silver has released a teaser of her cover of Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Like A Star.” The song features the lyrics: ‘Just like a star across my sky/Just like an angel off the page/You have appeared to my life/Feel like I’ll never be the same/Just like a song in my heart/Just like oil on my hands/Oh, I do love you.’

She wrote on her Instagram story, “me and @theofficialchandler have been trying to release this cover for like two years.”

Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill recently wrote an Instagram post about the 18th birthday of Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily.

“18?!!! What ??!!! Lily!! ⭐️my angel:.. you are the brightest star in the universe ✨?✨ our family loves you more than you will ever know ⭐️⭐️”

Lily Cornell Silver recently announced that she has graduated from high school in Seattle. She wrote on Instagram, “we did it boys! i love you ‘018 :’)”

Lily is a musician and manager, like her father Chris and mother Susan Silver. Lily sings and has written that she plays several instruments.

Eddie Vedder’s wife Jill wrote about her own daughter Olivia and Lily, “Off to college and high school .. these two.. sisters for life … so proud of the women they have become and the things they will do in the future .. watch out world … these ladies are coming in hot ! Congratulations to my loves ❤️#babiesyesterday”

Lily responded, “love you SO MUCH!!!”

Jill responded, “I love you!!! You make me so proud!! Thank you for being you :)”