Watch Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan ‘Slap Crap Out Of Mic’ As It Malfunctions


During a recent Smashing Pumpkins performance in Houston, Billy Corgan made a quick recovery when his microphone stopped working.

A YouTube user wrote, “During a recent Smashing Pumpkins show, Corgan experiences microphone issues at the beginning of Hummer. He slaps the crap out of it and it starts working again.”

Corgan’s young son Augustus Juppiter also made an adorable onstage appearance in Baltimore on Friday night. During “Solara” Corgan and James Iha noticed Augustus Juppiter near the stage and encouraged him to come out. Corgan carried him onstage for part of the song before he exited. Jimmy Chamberlin even tried to encourage him to come back out during the final song “Baby Mine” from Dumbo.

Watch both videos below.

neonpriest wrote on The Smashing Pumpkins Reddit about recently meeting Billy Corgan, “So after the show in Tampa tonight I was gonna head back to the car but I wanted a cig before I did so me and my homie decided to wait out back to see if we could spot him like just for fun. Then we realized yo we might actually so we waited for about 20 min. Then outta no where Metric pulled up in a car and said hey to everyone. They were all so nice and humble and one of the guys said good luck tryna meet them bc we’ve been on tour with them for 2 weeks and they only met them once. But anyway more time passes, it starts raining, it stops and me and my friend are about to leave when outta nowhere comes Billy and he walks over and is like what’s up. And some dude asked him for a pic and he declined bc he said he’s a total germaphobe but I told him he had an amazing show and he was super cool. It was so nice of him to come over and greet us fans (there were only like 7 of us btw) and yeah he was a cool ass dude!”