Chris Cornell’s Daughter Sings On Awesome New Hip Hop Track


Chris Cornell’s 17-year old daughter Lily is featured on Nathan Nzanga’s awesome new track “Trixie.” The song is written by Nzanga, with him on lead vocals. Lily is also a featured singer. Listen below!

Chris Cornell’s daughter Lily shared a beautiful tribute on Father’s Day. She posted a never before released photo of her father kissing her as a baby after her birth in 2000. She wrote, “I love you.”

She also wrote on Chris Cornell’s Facebook,


A couple summers ago we were biking around Central Park and you told me that there aren’t many truly good people in the world, but that I was one of the few. You always had such firm confidence and pride in what I did, and your warmth and love inspired me to do my best. Now more than ever, I want to live my life to help others as you did. I want to continue to make you proud. Toni, C and I promise to survive, persevere and thrive, as we’ve always done. I’m so proud to be your baby, I love you more than words can say and I will miss you forever.

Your ladybug,