Chris Cornell’s Widow Defends Singer From Bullying After Stone Temple Pilots Performance


A 9-year old fan named Vedder Gabriel recently sang “Dead and Bloated” with Stone Temple Pilots at a show in Phoenix and he drew widespread praise from fans online, but he recently received a nasty comment on YouTube. The comment read, “This kid better go to college, because his voice sucks balls!”

Gabriel shared a screenshot of the comment on Twitter, and his response he wanted to post: “Thanks for the reply I will be in college in 9 years and work on my vocals.”

He also tweeted, “I got my first Negative Comment, this is how i want 2 respond?? what do u think?”

Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky, who has been a victim of online bullying since her late husband’s death last May, sent a message of support on Twitter to the young singer.

“It’s not worth your response. How sad for an adult especially, to write that about a little boy. To think what horrible life they must have & how damaged they must be. We must feel sorry for these people really. They are the lowest of the low. Don’t let them get you down.”