Chris Cornell’s Widow Reveals How Haters Crossed The Line: ‘I Wouldn’t Care If They Judged’


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky has continued to hit back at trolls on Twitter. She explained in a new tweet to a fan how they crossed the line.

A fan wrote to Vicky, “This is the last thing in the world Chris would want u to have to deal with. Keep your chin up & be proud of who you are. Take care of those kids & laugh at the haters. No one has the right to judge you cause they have not lived your life! ❤️#KeepThePromise”

Vicky responded, “Thank u I wouldn’t care if they judged we are all entitled to an opinion but they straight out LIE + think they can keep lying b/c I ignored.”

Vicky Cornell, Peter Cornell, and other Cornell family members have dealt with vicious online attacks and conspiracy theories since Chris died by suicide in May.

Vicky has responded to completely false and hateful accusations that she plagiarized a quote. In response, she told a touching story about what Chris Cornell would tell his family every day. See the tweets below.

Vicky is yet again hitting back at the vicious online trolls who have harassed her and her family since Chris Cornell died by suicide in May. Vicky wrote back to one, “I’m going to tell you this you have lied you have slandered me and said everything imaginable – do not ever talk about my children.”

She added, “Every comment you make ‘alleged’ you continuously lie if it’s true and factual state it why alleged?”

Trolls and conspiracy theorists have spread slanderous lies and attacked members of Chris Cornell’s family since his death, including Vicky Cornell and Peter Cornell.

Vicky has also recently communicated with fans dealing with hardships, including a fan whose father is battling cancer. She recently announced the relaunch of Chris Cornell’s official website.