Nine Inch Nails Offer Teaser For Huge 2018 Release


Over the weekend, Nine Inch Nails performed a truncated set due to poor weather in Houston at the Day For Night festival, and many fans pointed out that the poster for the performance appeared to have a lyric to a new NIN song, possibly for their next EP release in 2018, the conclusion to a trilogy of EP’s that started with Not The Actual Events in December 2016.

Heavy rain led to Nine Inch Nails having to performing their set at the Day For Night festival in Houston on Saturday earlier than planned, but even with the earlier set time, the band still had to cut their set short due to the downpour.

tommywizeoh wrote on Reddit, “Knowing that NIN was the headline band and rain was coming, couldn’t these assholes have rescheduled that lip syncing douche james blake or move him to another stage? That 50 min painful bore of a set ruined it for NIN and pushed the NIN set into the rain. And didn’t these assholes at DFN aka Clusterfuck For Night say the show will go on rain or shine? Yet they cancelled NIN after a 30 minute downpour (which actually moved out pretty quickly 45 minutes later).”

He later posted, “Me and my friends got our places about the 4th row back thinking this would be a comfortable place to watch the NIN set. We naively thought since Trent has evolved so would his fans. Boy, were we WRONG. There was literal moshing going on and it seemed to be perpetrated by the typical man boy fan boy from the 90s (when it wasn’t junkies/drunks crowd surfing – yes, that actually happened in the NIN set). Overweight, smelly losers who seem deprived of social normalcy who gather to relive their 90s high school days by moshing to NIN. Pathetic. I also noticed these dummies only come alive when the song was from the 90s era. Any time Trent played a new song from HM or the EPs they were asleep. These animals honestly need to get a new hobby or something. It’s 2017. Not 1992.”

Watch video from the performance below.

Less Than
March of the Pigs
The Frail
The Wretched
Copy of A
Gave Up
The Lovers
The Background World

Note: “The Great Destroyer”, “Burning Bright (Field on Fire)”, “The Hand that Feeds”, “Head like a Hole”, “Survivalism”, “The Day the World Went Away” and “Hurt” were on the setlist but not played due to heavy rain.

  • Adam

    My favorite band but the most obnoxious Fanbase as the comments from “The Real NIN fan” above have shown. Too many elitists in their fanbase that think they “get it” (They think they understand TR better than others) & no one else does. That act wears thin quickly

    • Lynch Fan

      What seems to be wearing thin is the hair on your head.

    • rd1994

      Only problem is that “The Real NIN fan” is a troll who s pretty much doing nothing but talking shit about NIN with every single post he makes. Hes pretty much hated over there

  • Alex Mascart

    The guy this article heavily quotes is a notorious troll on the NIN subreddit. He is absolutely not someone that should be held accountable for having any insight into the band; all he does is whine. Bad move, Alternative Nation. A poor article on nothing but lies.

    • briancoss

      Exactly this, how the troll made the article is beyond me. This article should be re-written.

  • bnjmntrb

    I just wish he’d keep playing music from the last 5 albums, not the ancient stuff.

    • Lynch Fan

      Couldn’t agree more!

  • Lynch Fan

    Fantastic article! But do we really know that the words on the poster are lyrics from the next EP? Or is that just speculation?

    • rd1994


  • Lynch Fan

    My condolences to the fans who had to go through this. What a shit fest!