Chris Cornell’s Widow Reveals How Bandmate Saved His Life For Years


Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky tweeted yesterday, “Happy Birthday to Timmy C! One of the most important people in @chriscornell ‘s life – without his love and loyalty we would not have had the last 16 years. There would be no us. Thank you for loving him so much.”

Vicky Cornell told Alternative Nation in 2016, “Chris was dying in Seattle. Timmy C stepped up like a real friend and saved him. He will always be one of the most special people to Chris. If only others had half the balls or the heart of Timmy C.”

Tim Commerford, who played with Chris Cornell in Audioslave, also told Alternative Nation in 2016, “We got together and wrote songs quickly. Then we had some turmoil regarding management. We had a different management company than Chris and that caused a few problems. The next thing you know, it felt like things were falling apart before it even began. We had written a record, but for a second it didn’t feel good. Chris kind of went MIA. Chris is such a different person now. He’s on top of his game and on an all-time high, but at that time he was Seattle Chris Cornell.

He went Seattle on us. I personally went to Seattle. I searched for him and I found him. By finding him, I found myself in jail. Not because he was there, but because I ended up in there. That trip to jail cost me a ton of money. I look back on that and think that was money well spent because that was a big part of why Audioslave actually became a band. It was worth every penny. I found Chris and I dragged him out of Seattle and we became a band that made a lot of records in a short period of time.”