Coolio Cause of Death Reportedly Leaks


Coolio has sadly passed away and with his passing at such a young age of 59 – many feel that something had to happen to cause such a very shocking event.

With the passing of Coolio, via multiple news outlets (mainly being TMZ for the updated reports as time moves forward), we’re told police have opened a death investigation but as of right now there does not appear to be signs of foul play. However, our sources say the coroner will make a final determination following an autopsy. As of right now, the reports are that the Coolio cause of death is cardiac arrest, but keep in mind that this is still developing and nothing should be taken heavily yet until everything is completed.

The story that led to this is that a friend of Coolio tried to contact the artist in the morning, but they were not able to get into contact with the star. As time went on, the friend felt that something was wrong and Coolio was then checked on. Sadly, when the door to Coolio’s room was opened; he lay on the floor, lifeless.

Quickly, EMT’s were then called and the pronounced him at the scene within a very short period of time as they could not get a response of a pulse. As currently said by those involved within the situation; there have not been any drugs or anything of the nature around the scene.

We will have to wait and see how everything goes as time moves forward and more is found out about the sad passing of the award winning musician. A very big RIP to Coolio and our thoughts are with his fans, family, and friends.