Corey Taylor Calls Out Horrible Slipknot Performance


Corey Taylor acknowledged in a new interview that he did a ‘horrible’ attempt at an English voice on a new Slipknot song off of We Are Not Your Kind. Corey Taylor recently reacted to a new Tool album bombshell.

Independent reported, “One of the biggest misconceptions about heavy metal – particularly a band like Slipknot, with their terrifying masks and relentless, thundering sound – is that they’re scary people. Speaking with them proves otherwise: Taylor and Clown are friendly – dare I say cheerful – over the phone; Taylor laughs uproariously when I refer to his self-confessed ‘horrible’ attempt at an English voice on new single ‘Solway Firth’ as ‘Cockney screamo’. Their attitude towards the band is one of a family that extends to the fans, fondly known as ‘Maggots’, where no one is judged for their gender, skin colour or sexuality. And they appear to share a brotherly affection for one another – as Taylor’s interview reaches its end, he instructs me to tell Clown that he’s a ‘s**thead’, with all the childish glee of a younger sibling.

‘Yeah, we’re really scary,’ Taylor says now, dripping sarcasm. ‘The reality is, we all look out for each other, including the fans. If you come to a metal show, you have each other’s backs.'”

MoreThanConquerors posted on the band’s Reddit that from what he’s seen at stores, the numbers should be quite high when it comes to first week sales for the new Slipknot album.

“WANYK (Physical/Digital/Streaming) album sales have to be some of the best they’ve ever had as a band, as it should be for this masterpiece.

I’ve been noticing at many stores that they’re sold out of the album in CD and Vinyl format. I even checked the target stock online of the album for minneapolis and most stores are sold out. That doesn’t happen much anymore. Also many record stores are sold out as well. I luckily bought my CD early Friday morning but I’m glad to see people love this and are buying it.

Also looking at charts and streams they’re on top of most right now. As a fan for almost 2 decades I’m elated they are still one of the juggernauts of metal. This album is going to be revered as their true magnum opus I think when it’s all said and done.”