Izzy Stradlin’s Guns N’ Roses Contract Offer Revealed


MSL has shared new information about Guns N’ Roses’ offer to Izzy Stradlin to join them on their 2016 tour. Read his post below from GNRTruth.

“Axl, Slash & Duff are all going to make millions and know they don’t need anybody else. If Adler or Izzy want to make some cameos and make a nice little chunk in the process, I’m sure they’re more than welcome, but if they’re looking to make millions like the others, I don’t think that’s on the table.

I know the figure Izzy was offered and I think he maybe would have done it if it was in the past. But now with pie being so much larger after Slash’s return, an amount that may have been considered a good will gesture before, to Izzy may have now been considered an insult. He definitely wasn’t happy with how things played out and I don’t think GNR was happy about him going public.”