Corey Taylor Has Emotional Reaction To Kim Kardashian Wearing Metal Shirt


What do you think of the way the scene has become so fractured?

Corey: “Plus, you put an expiration date on it. I mean, you mentioned the NWOAHM – there were people that put Slipknot in that, but there were also people who put us in nu metal, just really because of the year that we came out and the stuff that we were experimenting with.”

Corey: “I’m gonna be an asshole here, because that’s what I love to do, but it’s the pretentious dickweeds who sit at tables and argue this shit, who come up with these fucking categories. They’re not the ones who just buy it because they want to hear it – they need to ‘understand’ it. Sometimes, you don’t need to fucking understand it – you just need to feel it!”

Do you think we’re all too tribal about this shit?

Corey: “I don’t think so, because most people grow out of it. I can remember going through a whole era of pretence when it came to punk stuff. You get to punk fans and they’re the worst, man, but you get to a certain point and you’re just like, ‘You know what? Who gives a fuck?’ You grow out of that. You stop being argumentative and start being more appreciative, and that just comes with age, it comes with time. And sometimes it comes with losing certain bands, whether they break up, or God forbid, something happens to someone in a certain band… you care for stuff more. The guys who don’t let go and they hold onto it, they’re collecting bits of lint and putting it in jars somewhere. But hey, who am I to judge? Ha ha ha!”

What do you think about metal getting appropriated by mainstream fashion? Kim Kardashian wearing Morbid Angel t-shirts and all that?

Corey: “I’m in two minds about that. There’s a part of it that makes me want to set fire to whole fields. There’s also a part of me that’s like, ‘Fucking right! Good! More people should know who Morbid Angel are!”