Pearl Jam Massive European Tour Dates Leak


Pearl Jam are rumored to return to Italy in June 2020 as part of their new album tour, reports, and it looks like it will be a massive show if it happens. A creepy video Eddie Vedder shot with his ex-wife resurfaced yesterday.

Sources for the popular Pearl Jam fansite tell webmaster Luca Villa that Pearl Jam could play at the Imola racetrack in June to play songs off of the new new album, which according to the rumor will come out in May 2020. The rumored date in Imola is the only planned Italian show so far, and it should be part of a European tour that consists of a dozen concerts to be held in very large venues.

Eddie Vedder told a disgusting Keith Richards story over the weekend. Pearl Jam fans on the Ten Club boards have been hungry (I’m goinnnnn’ hungry) for rumors recently. hidypitts posted, “We need to send a distress signal. Can we break the internet? What if we all tweet/post on social media at a certain time? Something hopeful? I just need a concert to plan. I miss it!”

Cooter responded, “I don’t know about tour rumors, but I have a feeling that we’ll get something in the next couple of weeks. It’s like it’s out there. A puzzle to be put together. Or maybe I just had bad pizza for lunch. haha.”

After PearlJamOnline’s story, there was finally some excitement. fl247556 posted, “the European tour rumors come almost all the time from Italy. Hoping that this is confirm and that there are more intimate dates and other dates for other continents!” Eddie Vedder recently revealed who made Chris Cornell cry.