Corey Taylor Mask Falls Off In Slipknot Concert Video


Slipknot fans on Reddit have uploaded a rare clip of Corey Taylor having his mask fall off during a live performance.

AdminsFdMeOver posted, “Oh wow, that’s an unbelievably rare clip. I bet he was panicking, nobody knew who they were during that time.”

Comet7777 said, “Jeez, he looks like he’s wearing his current mask. Looks so weird and off.”

crapfacejustin commented, “I remember mentioning this before and everyone thought I was full of shit, well here ya go.”

Taylor told Jason Rockman of iHeartRadio Canada about the new Slipknot album We Are Not Your Kind, “It’s heavy, it’s experimental, it’s melodic as hell. Lyrically, it’s the darkest that I’ve gone in a long time. I went through a really dark period, and it fueled all of my lyrics for this album, all of my emotions for this album. The shirking the chains of that depression, negativity, trying to get rid of that. And the vibe is so dark. People aren’t gonna… they’re not gonna know what to expect with it. It’s pretty crazy.”

Corey Taylor revealed an odd AC/DC inspired photo on Friday. Taylor discussed preparing for Slipknot shows in a TVA interview.

“It takes very little time now, because, obviously, I put the makeup on, I put the mask on, I put everything else on. And as you’re doing that, you’re preparing yourself mentally, you’re preparing yourself… You’re seeing the show, you’re remembering the lyrics — you’re doing everything you can.”

He said about Slipknot’s new stage show “There’s a lot of fire. But the cool thing is that it’s very interactive — there’s a lot of multimedia going on; there’s video, there’s fire, there’s explosions. The staging is probably the most extravagant that we’ve had in our whole career.”

Corey’s mask falling off during Iowa! from r/Slipknot