Corey Taylor Mocked By Hair Metal Icon After Bad Slipknot News


Corey Taylor recently went viral after quipping that he blew out his left testicle preparing for the upcoming Slipknot world tour.

“Working on my ‘87 Dokken high notes this morning. Fucked around and blew out the left testicle. Careful on re-entry, kids. #kissofdeath #pissinblood.”

Dokken laughed at Taylor in a new tweet.

“😂😂 be careful Corey! 🤘🏻”

Taylor responded, “Hahaha doin my best! WHY YA GOTTA HIT THOSE HIGHS?!?”

Corey Taylor praised the new film ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ in a new tweet.

“Well I can say it’s not as batshit crazy as G:FW but I CAN say the balance of humans to titans screentime is great, the fights are awesome & it doesn’t patronize its audience (Godzilla ‘14). Plus there was no awkward ‘but they play brother and sister in another movie’ moments. 😂”

Corey Taylor’s fiance Alicia Dove has been subject to disgusting attacks from trolls online, and he defended her in an emotional new tweet.

“My fiancé has more character, more integrity and more class than most of the people I’ve ever known in my life. She is very special, in more ways than anyone can realize. Having her by my side still blows my mind. And the people who don’t know or appreciate her? Well… fuck em.”