3 Doors Down And Candlebox Take On Dallas


Thousands of fans packed the Toyota Music Factory in Dallas last Friday night to celebrate the “Away from the Sun” Tour featuring 3 Doors Down and co-headliner, Candlebox. This was the last tour for Candlebox to send off their career after 30 long successful years as a band. Many fans made sure to arrive early to witness history as it would be the last chance to catch them live on stage for the last time.

Nostalgia filled the air as they played some of the fan favorites such as “Change”, “Blossom”, and of course the ever so famous “Far Behind”. They may be done after this tour but Candlebox is soon to release their next album titled “The Long Goodbye” as the final send-off.

Following their bittersweet performance was headliner, 3 Doors Down. They’re no stranger to performing in front of thousands of excited fans, either. It was a hot and humid night but frontman, Brad Arnold, left every ounce of energy he had on that stage.

Of course, it does help when you have thousands of screaming fans singing along to every song as they did in Dallas. Brad mentioned a few times in between songs that he didn’t want to talk too much but when he did, he told stories that had fans smiling, laughing, and some even teary-eyed, especially just before performing “Here Without You”. He addressed that song could be interpreted in different ways, which is the real beauty behind music.

After a long night of belting, headbanging, and dancing between the band and the fans, 3 Doors Down left stage for a moment only to come back with an encore of “Landing in London” and probably the biggest hit of their longed career, “Kryptonite”. Fans from Dallas certainly left with great memories and smiles on their faces.