Corey Taylor ‘Ruthless’ Video Angers Slipknot Fans


Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor is ready to rumble, and taking WWE NXT’s side in their Wednesday night ratings feud with upstart All Elite Wrestling, angering AEW fans. The lead singer of the popular heavy metal band gave the following introduction to this week’s most recent edition of WWE’s NXT on USA. Slipknot’s most recent single “All Out Life” is the official theme song of the show so it comes to no surprise why Corey Taylor would do this video package. Corey Taylor tweeted out “WeAreNXT” in solidarity in addition to posting the package, which you can view below:

Corey Taylor: “Now is the time, the future has arrived. If you’re asking “who is NXT” I’ll tell you who we are. We are hellacious, a ruthless dream, we are the Kings and Queens of kicking Full Sail ass and we are undisputed. Let us not forget where we came from, but make no mistake, there is no going back. From now on we are the most exclusive brand of combat in the world. If you’ve been looking for something more – welcome home. We are NXT.

In additional Slipknot news, guitarist Jim Root turned forty-seven years old yesterday and fans on the official Slipknot Facebook page ushered in plenty of birthday wishes.

Gary said: “Happy Birthday Jim!!!!! I’ve been a maggot since 1999 and still going strong today. I’ve been playing guitar for 13 years now and I play in the style of you. I learned alot from your Fret 12 videos. Thank you for all the inspiration throughout the years. I’ll forever be a maggot!!!! Rock on bro!!!!!”

Jeremy put: “Happy Birthday Jim! You bought a bike from my dealership in Jax, Fl back before Paul died. Ironically, I thought the riding in Des Moines was epic when I went down for the state fair show and visited friends. Keep that throttle wide fukn open. WFO✊🏼🤟🏼

Lesli replied: ” I will never forget when I went to a meet and greet for Hatebreed and I was in the front of the pack leaving and I open the wrong door and ran smack into Jim Root! I seriously could not talk! Happy birthday! 🤟🏻🖤