Courtney Love Angers Pearl Jam Fans With Remark

Courtney Love recently accused the Rock Hall of Fame of misogeny, writing, “Why are women so marginalised by the Rock Hall?”, Love wrote. “Of the 31 people on the nominating board, just nine are women. According to the music historian Evelyn McDonnell, the Rock Hall voters, among them musicians and industry elites, are 90% male.” “You can write the Rock Hall off as a “boomer tomb” and argue that it is building a totem to its own irrelevance. Why should we care who is in and who is not? But as scornful as its inductions have been, the Rock Hall is a bulwark against erasure, which every female artist faces whether they long for the honour or want to spit on it.” Then she sarcastically said: “The Rock Hall recognised Pearl Jam about four seconds after they became eligible – and yet Chaka Khan, eligible since 2003, languishes with seven nominations. All is not lost, though – the Rock Hall is doing a special programme for Women’s History Month on her stagewear…”

For those who are young enough at heart to recall the Pretenders and Chrissie Hynde, they may recall a rather mild-mannered lass who seemingly wouldn’t hurt a fly. Today, Chrissie, who still performs, is not so mild-mannered and soft-spoken. Chrissie has recently decided to go on a verbal assault against the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

As per Billboard, The Pretenders front woman Chrissie Hynde can be added to the list of artists who are emphatically not interested in The Rock& Roll Hall of Fame.

Hot on the heels of a scathing op-ed from Hole leader Courtney Love on Friday (March 17) the year of our Good Lord, 2023, lambasting the Rock Hall for its lack of female representation, Hynde posted a similarly dismissive Facebook note offering up her pointed opinion on the Hall.

“I don’t even wanna be associated with it. It’s just more establishment backslapping,” Hynde wrote. “I got in a band so I didn’t have to be part of all that.”

The legendary singer said she was living a happy life in Rio De Janeiro when she was informed that the long-running band was being inducted into the class of 2005. Hynde attended the event and performed two songs after being inducted by Neil Young.