Chad Smith ‘No Shows’ Red Hot Chili Peppers Reunion


Red Hot Chili Peppers performed live with John Frusciante for the first time in 13 years on Saturday in Los Angeles at a private memorial event with Dave Navarro, but Chad Smith was not present, with Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins taking his place. It turns out that Smith had a reason for no showing, as he was in Naples, Florida for an art show.

Icetin posted on Reddit, “The real gem from the first performance with JF is AK. He looks so happy to be with John again. Did you notice how hyped up he was? Haven’t seen him like that for years. Spinning around and singing in key. He looks so excited to be with his proprer teammates again and it made me happy in particular.

Now AK, just get rid of that fucking moustache and let us all have that good old chili peppers’ spirit again! NOW is the time!”

Fox_009 commented, “100%. He looks like he can barely contain himself! I can’t wait to see him bust out the Donkey Kong spin with his arms out like a mad man.”

Aerialblue responded, “Maybe this will be one of those rare transition photos/footage, kind of like the couple of shows when John had just returned and Anthony still looked like OHM-era. He still hadn’t had his hair cut short, played guitar on Give It Away, but they were doing Scar Tissue. This would be Getaway-era Anthony playing with John!”

Triflin-assHoe chimed in, “Dude he looked so happy. Everyone just looked natural. I’m just sad Chad wasn’t there but that just means next time they play it’s gonna be even more natural and perfect, and that’s crazy because this was perfect. Glad John is growing his hair out as well.” Red Hot Chili Peppers recently revealed why John Frusciante had to quit.