Courtney Love Drops Kurt Cobain Drug Dealer Bombshell


Courtney Love discussed Kurt Cobain’s attitude towards drug dealers, Evan Dando, and his daughter Frances Bean Cobain in a new social media post.

“Our friend @katemossagency told me that Evan (@thelemonheadsofficial ) was playing this week …. And I recalled how at the end of Hole sets 94/95 @xmadmx & Eric and I, after hours of pouring our wrath blood & guts, on the stage for you folks, we’d finish, with this tender, pink confection of a song. We did it very last for me, not you. I need sweetness. I don’t write sweet.

After all that Medusa, Rock Villianess fury, I was tired (I’m still fucking tired of that vampire shit 🪦) I have been trying to play guitar again for years & been so uninspired. Kate came, and manifested it! I had to cut up a debit card to use for picks.

We all love Evan. He’s not got a bad bone in his body . When Kurt brought him home (Kurt pretty much liked Frances, dealers & cats only. So I was surprised to see them stumble in.) They just had such FUN with each other.

After he left, Kurt said “you know, I’ve changed my opinion on dogs (he thought cats were better, dogs were “too easy“) I’d get a golden retriever. Evan’s a golden retriever” 🥰 🙌 I’m so glad Ms moss manifested, lawyered (Hunter s Thompson style Esq style) and styled this. 👑

2 minutes before I went on, I got the terrors .
I kept thinking about a bottle of Jack Id spotted backstage. I chanted my way through the cravings.

It’s SO much better when you face the terror, walk through it. And do the scary thing clean & sober!

It felt great to be up there with him.

So happy to see you Evan. And thank you queen km. 😎😘🙌🙌🙌.”