Courtney Love Reveals Truth About Kurt Cobain Murder


There have been rumors for years, many of those circling around the notion that Courtney Love killed Kurt Cobain, her former husband. These rumors pertain to mentally killing of Cobain, or the actual physical act. Neither have been proved and more than likely never will. To find out more let’s look at a recent interview.

As per Uproxx, Love addressed her new song, although it may be a while before we ever get to hear it.

Love discussed her upcoming solo album on the WTF With Marc Maron podcast and noted a song she wrote that won’t appear on the project is called “Justice For Kurt.” The tune, which Love called an “ear worm,” addresses the long-running rumors that she is responsible for Cobain’s death.

Love said, “By the way it’s still percolating that I’m this psychopath that killed him. […] I wrote the song but I can’t put the song on the record… the other songs are way too good to ruin it with two minutes and twenty four seconds of me being sassy.”

While the track will not be on Love’s new solo album, she did say it will come out “eight months after” the project goes live.

Elsewhere in the episode, Love praised Lana Del Rey, noting, “Lana and Kurt are the only two true musical geniuses I’ve ever known. […] She’s got the integrity that Kurt had. The only two people I know that I can say… by the way, Stipe? Bono? Yes, these are people that I know and love. Billie Joe, sure. But Lana? She’s got a magic thing. And she’s not even f*cked up!”

Listen to Love’s full WTF episode below.