Courtney Love Opens Up About Dave Grohl’s Dating Life


Courtney Love discussed her up and down friendship with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl in a new GQ interview. Grohl played with Love’s late husband Kurt Cobain in Nirvana.

“I liked Dave very much,” Love explains. “He was a boundless bundle of energy, not only a great talent but great fun. He cut a swath through the women of the northwest, which I found amusing; he didn’t care if they were educated lefty feminists. Kurt compared his energy to a puppy. Dave made Kurt very happy. He was always fast with a joke that could pull Kurt out of a funk, with junk food and girl talk.”

Rumours have been circulating for years that Grohl quit the band just before Cobain’s suicide. It’s true Cobain became more isolated due to drugs, the unwanted glare of fame and various legal woes. Although their relationship is now civil, what is also true is that Grohl and Love haven’t always seen eye to eye since Nirvana disbanded and the pair became embroiled in a long legal fight, costing both sides a serious amount of money, all over the ownership and control of the band’s back catalogue and finances.

Grohl and Love buried the hatchet at the 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and have been on good terms for the last four years.