Courtney Love Opens Up On Harvey Weinstein & Britney Spears


Courtney Love, the widow Kurt Cobain, recently spoke about her financial hardships during FT’s Financial Literacy and Inclusion Campaign. She spoke about how she dealt with the crisis, and even mentioned Britney Spears and Harvey Weinstein.

Courtney Love reveals how she strived to meet the ends of life

Love spoke about the time she had been trying for the Britney Spears’s conservatorship for 13 years and she claimed to be the first to go after Harvey Weinstein publicly as well. She lamented on the fact that she was laughed at. What lies common in both the occasion is that she was punished. Courtney Love had previously stunned Kurt Cobain fans after dealing with ‘forged wills.’

“I’d been screaming my head off about Britney Spears’s conservatorship for 13 years – ever since it began. I was the first to go after Harvey Weinstein publicly too. I was laughed at, derided and punished on both occasions, and I’ve had an existential crisis these past few years, asking: “What is the actual point of justice?”

So seeing it come for my friends who were hit hard by Harvey felt nice. But seeing it with Britney? I’ve got to be honest: it feels f**ing delicious! And if there is justice, really, I hope my family is next,” added Love.

Love had previously called out Harvey Weinstein back in 2005. TMZ had found an old video clip from a 2005 red-carpet Comedy Central interview When comedian Natasha Leggero asked Love what advice she had for young women trying to make it in Hollywood, Love hesitates at first, saying, “I’ll get libeled if I say it.” But after a brief pause, where Love seems to be seriously considering what to say next, she adds, “If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party in the Four Seasons, don’t go.”