Courtney Love Pays Emotional Tribute To Kurt Cobain Reflecting On Chris Cornell’s Funeral


Hours before attending late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s funeral, Courtney Love posted a tribute to Kurt Cobain on her Twitter account. View the tribute followed by a photo of Love at Cornell’s funeral below.

Courtney Love has shared a tribute to Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell last week.

Love wrote on Instagram, “Goodbye darling boy . Please say hi to all my loved ones . I cried for you today . Rip .”

Love discussed her love for Cornell in a NatGeo TV interview last year.

“The reason there was a lot of music coming out the Pacific Northwest, Seattle in particular, was a lot of drugs, a lot of free rent, cheap rent, a lot of garages. When you’re young, an abundance of drugs is certainly not something I’d recommend to anybody else, but it’s like swinging London in the 60’s, and everyone had to try their LSD and get their freak on.”

She added, “The big band that really started it was Soundgarden. I think everyone of a certain age and demographic remembers opening up Your Flesh Fancy, and seeing this picture of Chris Cornell and his Adonis 8-pack body with a microphone wire wrapped around him. He looked really gorgeous, but Soundgarden also happened to be really good. They were a really integral and important band to Seattle.”

Xombie is a band bringing back the spirit of the Seattle 90’s, and rap driven rock like Rage Against The Machine. Watch their innovative 360 new music video below which features New York landmarks.

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