Dave Mustaine Reveals Plan To ‘Destroy’ Metallica


Megadeth frontman and ex-Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine claimed in a new tweet that his initial plan for Megadeth was to ‘destroy Metallica.’ Mustaine was a member of Metallica during their early years, from 1981 to 1983 before he was replaced by Kirk Hammett and went on to form Megadeth. He feuded with Metallica for years until the Big Four shows a few years ago.

Asked by a fan earlier today on Twitter what his measure of success was when starting Megadeth and what his vision for the band was, Dave responded: “My measure of success was if I ate that day or not, and my vision was destroy Metallica and stop living in a van. Good thing I got over my animosity for leaving the band. I’m glad we reconciled… Where’s the Big 4 shows???”

In May 2012, Mustaine apologized to Metallica frontman James Hetfield for publicly discussing the fact that Dave wanted to assemble a “supergroup” combining Mustaine and Megadeth bassist David Ellefson with Hetfield and Metallica drummer Ulrich. Hetfield laughed off talk of a possible collaboration between members of his band and members of MEGADETH in an interview, calling it “crazy” talk on the part of Mustaine.

Hetfield told So What!, “I see [Mustaine] healthier now. I see him as less of a bitter guy. But I do see a lot of stuff in the press with him talking about jamming with us and making an album. All this other crazy stuff. I read it and say to myself, ‘Hold on. This is the Dave that we kind of wanted to forget about. You know, the big-mouth that wants to just go-go-go.”

“But there is an authenticity about him when he speaks. He doesn’t think too much before he does. He just goes off the cuff. Plus, when he says stuff like that, it’s well-intended.”

Mustaine discussed the shelving of an expanded release of an early 80’s Metallica tape, “No Life ‘Til Leather”. He tweeted that he was contacted by Hetfield two years ago about “officially” releasing “No Life Till Leather” with “27 tracks, pics, the whole enchilada,” but, he said, “the talks broke down because Lars wanted credit on two songs I wrote every note and word to. I have the texts. I passed.”