Courtney Love Reveals New Harvey Weinstein Victim


Courtney Love has claimed her friend Brooke was a victim of Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of sexually assaulting and harassing women, and is currently in jail over one victim.

Courtney wrote, “8 years ago in a fever dream, I was living in a loft on Lafayette street. I loved someone passionately, who did not love me back. 💔

And I began to paint, paint, draw and paint. @david_lachapelle kept urging me on, “more, paint more, MORE”. So I did, I burned my candle at both ends…Every once in a while I’d change the subject.

I painted @gwynethpaltrow , and knowing a Harvey victim, to say the least (my friend Brooke). I painted a big, nasty Harvey one of her being destroyed by him (I was scared to hang it in the gallery when framed, it was so obviously about Harvey destroying her. I thought if Harvey saw it I’d get in even worse trouble than I was. But fuck it. It got hung. Instead of freaking out and getting mad at me, Brooke came over and wept in my arms . This is before Harvey was busted … I realized how powerful art can be when she said “I feel like that painting lifted the curse”. Wow.)

David’s dealer Fred, threw up a show. I only sold a few. And the ones some people wanted, I wouldn’t sell. So I have most of them and I’ll give them as gifts now, because I’ll probably never, ever do it again. It was so hard on my body and spirit and heart ❤️.

Anyway I called the show “…And She’s Not Even Pretty “. It was good to see it all framed… ps. In the end the person that did not love me back now does love me. How do you like them apples 🍎?

There’s a nice review from @voguemagazine (link in bio)”