Creed “Devil Inside You” From New Album Revealed?


In 2012, Creed, the iconic rock band that dominated the late ’90s and early 2000s, unexpectedly split, leaving fans disheartened and yearning for more. However, recent rumors suggest that the band members had been quietly working on new music in 2012 before their split, reigniting hopes for a long-awaited reunion album. As fans eagerly speculate about the potential release of a new album and an accompanying tour, one song, in particular, has piqued their curiosity – “Devil Inside You,” a beloved track performed during Creed’s soundchecks.

After Creed disbanded in 2012, each member pursued their individual musical endeavors. While their solo projects gained varying degrees of success, the band’s loyal fanbase consistently yearned for the unique fusion of Scott Stapp’s powerful vocals, Mark Tremonti’s captivating guitar riffs, Scott Phillips’ thunderous drumming, and Brian Marshall’s resonating bass lines. The news of Creed working on new music behind the scenes has revitalized the fans’ hopes, igniting a renewed interest in the band’s future.

Among the speculation surrounding Creed’s potential reunion, the song “Devil Inside You” has emerged as a focal point of excitement. Long appreciated by fans as a soundcheck gem, this unreleased track has tantalized audiences during live performances over the years. With its infectious energy, memorable hooks, and raw emotion, “Devil Inside You” perfectly captures the essence of what made Creed’s music resonate with millions of listeners worldwide.

The prospects of including “Devil Inside You” on the speculated new album are undoubtedly thrilling for fans. Its potential presence on the record would not only satisfy the craving for fresh material but also serve as a nostalgic reminder of the band’s early days. However, it is crucial to approach such rumors with cautious optimism, as the intricate process of releasing an album involves numerous factors that may alter the final tracklist.

Should Creed make their long-awaited return with a new album, it would only be fitting to accompany it with an extensive tour. The band’s live performances were always a powerful and immersive experience, with their anthemic hits connecting deeply with audiences. A tour would not only allow fans to revel in the reunion of their musical heroes but also provide an opportunity for Creed to showcase their new material, including the speculated inclusion of “Devil Inside You.”