Creed Member Does Not Want To Be Frontman


Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti and former member of Creed has recently opened up about his newest project where he is taking the role as a singer. Mark has stated that he actually really enjoys singing in his new band, but he hates being the face of it all.

Mark Tremonti is making the rounds and talking about his band the Tremonti band. Many fans of Creed and Alterbridge have been ready to hear what Mark has been working on for a while now and Mark is ready to deliver.

The only pitfall that Mark has seen so far is that he absolutely hates being a front man. Mark has stated that while he loves singing, he just can’t cut it up front being the big face for all to see. Mark is more of the kind of person that wants to lay back in the mix and just kind of waltz around the stage without anyone really noticing that he’s there.

That’s where the problem is. Of course, this new band doesn’t need to be huge when we talk about it from a financial perspective. While it’s hard to say just how much Mark Tremonti has in his bank account, it has to be a decent sized chunk. So, even if being a frontman fails out from underneath him, he still has a lot more to lay back on from years and years ago as an overall musician for two bands that both broke huge ground and laid foundation for many metal and rock bands of today and yesterday.

In a recent interview with Ultimate-Guitar, we hear Mark go into his own words on this topic of why he doesn’t like being the face of the band.

The current singer of the Tremonti band stated the following to Ultimate-Guitar during an interview:

“Well, in the Tremonti band, I love singing. Singing to me is a lot of fun. I don’t feel the pressures that I feel with guitar playing when I sing.

“Singing is just a natural thing. You sing your best, you do all you can do, and at this point in my career, I don’t think I’m under fire as a singer as much as I would be as a guitar player.

“So all the stuff I get to do, it’s like a judgment-free zone when I get to sing…

“What I don’t like doing is being a frontman.

“I don’t like having to entertain in-between songs. That’s something that I’m sure I’ll get better at over the years but that’s something that is just not my type of personality.

“I like to be the guy on the side, playing my role; I like singing and playing, but as soon as I’ve got to do the talking in between, that’s the tough part.

“That’s something you can’t practice, you just got to do it on stage.”