Tool Drummer Plays First Show After Arrest


Danny Carey of Tool was recently spotted out of jail and in a small venue playing the drums just days after his arrest for allegedly assaulting someone.

On Reddit, the video of Danny surfaced of the drum playing while many flocked to the comment section to not speak on the incident that left Danny in prison, but the venue itself.

The original poster of the video of Danny Carey playing the drums said the following about the venue that this was at and what it was like to see Carey on the kit: “It really was a super small place, probably only about 80 or less capacity. I even had the super awkward pleasure of bumping into him in the tiny bathroom after the set. Completely by accident lol I had no idea he was in there. Couldn’t help but to exchange a couple of words which he was pretty nice about. I still can’t really believe it happened haha.”

The poster followed up on the bathroom incident: “It was a bit awkward. Just a simple “Hey man, awesome set!” And “Ya, thanks for coming out!” Followed by a hasty exit.”

Scrolling through the comment section of the Reddit post, it seems that most, if not all, Tool fans and Danny Carey fans have forgotten about the homophobic incident that Danny Carey went through just days ago where he shouted insensitivities and began to push the person around by poking them.

The awkward part of the comment section is seeing people run to Danny’s defense rather than chalking him up to being liable for his actions. One commenter alluded to Danny making bail since he’s out in the free world again.

A comment then followed to that stating: “Yes apparently. It’s crazy how quickly he jumped back to play again after the incident. He’s got some serious integrity.”

With all of this just being days from Danny’s incident, it looks like Tool fans and Danny Carey fans have totally moved on from the wild happenings that put Danny in jail. It’s shocking to see how quickly people are moving forward after the incident and how quickly Danny got back to his job.