Creed Member Reveals If Reunion Is Imminent


Mark Tremonti revealed why he currently does not want to reunite Creed imminently in a new Guitar interview, though he indicated that a huge offer could change his mind on the future if ‘business heads’ advise him to do it.

“Well, there are always promoters that will bring that stuff up. But right now, I have a new record coming out. I’ve got to write another Alter Bridge record and get out and tour for that next fall. It’s really difficult to squeeze out three months or whatever it takes to do the Creed stuff.

I have a six-month-old baby daughter and I’d like to spend as much time with her as I can. This tour is the first time I’ve been away from her and it’s already been brutal…

We’ve definitely had our ups and downs. We don’t talk too often.I think when it first gets put on the table it’ll be more of a decision for all the business heads to say whether it makes sense or not, and then we’ll see how things would go from there.”

Scott Stapp has frequently pushed for a Creed reunion in recent years since getting clean and sober, claiming he is back in contact with Mark Tremonti. Creed last toured in 2012, ending their three year reunion that started with 2009’s Full Circle.