Creed Reunite After 10 Years In New Video


Creed announced their reunion in a new video featuring a new photo of the band, teasing a reunion tour that will take fans back to ‘the summer of 1999.’ Creed last reunited from 2009 to 2012, releasing 2009’s Full Circle. Creed will announce their tour on July 19th.

Creed are a legendary band, but were sadly snubbed from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame over the last couple of years as they first became eligible. The inductees for this year’s class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame were revealed, and while many rock and metal fans were unhappy with the exclusion of legends like Creed, Soundgarden and Iron Maiden, the inclusion of Rage Against the Machine got mainly positive feedback. Judas Priest had to make due with a “Musical Excellence” award in 2022, outside of the main “Performer” category.

Voters slam the induction

Fans have voiced their dissatisfaction at this, especially when artists not typically associated with the rock and metal realm, such as George Michael and Missy Elliott, will be part of the inductees.

Before the class of 2023 was announced, an anonymous Rock Hall voter discussed with Vulture why metal doesn’t seem to get almost any love from the organization. Referring specifically to Iron Maiden, the voter said:

“I’m not voting for them, but they’re a groundbreaking band that brought the new wave of British heavy metal into the rest of the world — and they have a gimmick. Their thing with Eddie and their iconography, and the fact that Maiden is similar shorthand as Metallica or Slayer. They’re definitely in the ‘big four’ of being reliable icons for what a metalhead is.”

They then added:

“Metal still isn’t taken seriously by a lot of people, whether it’s because of its fan base or the fact that it’s a lot of super-nerdy musician types geeking out over various mythologies of evil in tandem. I think for somebody from metal to be in, we should nominate Slayer for the Hall of Fame. They had a great career. They headlined stadiums around the world and arenas, and they left a mark.”

“Maybe there should be a metal wing at the Hall or something. It’s one of those genres where the lack of respect is so inherent to its existence at this point. It’s music for people who don’t feel like they belong.”