Dave Abbruzzese Plays With Pearl Jam Cover Band


Former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese performed “Rearviewmirror” with Pearl Jamily France a couple of days ago. He wrote on Facebook, “Sometimes you just have to say yes.”

He also recently posted, “I was just watching Joanna Connor doing what she does on the YouTubes. My, how that woman can play! I am so looking forward to the music we are going to make and share with you all! Wow! What a player! Okay. Back to work now… Thank you all for the love and support!”

He said as well in another video post, “One last one for today. This is me woodshedding Gates of Babylon by Rainbow. The results of which will be coming out soon in a long anticipated quarantine jam with a talented bunch of friends! Palette cleansed. Have a nice day 😁”

He was then asked if the Rainbow tribute was released. He said, “Coming soon.” The fan then said, “Thanks so much for responding. I’ve been a huge fan of your drumming for many years. Your drumming on Alternative is incredible. Thanks for the inspiration.”

Dave responded, “Thank you! I am very proud of that album. It means alot to me. Keep your eyes and ears peeled! Stevie has had me do some new mixes for some tracks from that record! I will keep you informed! All the best to you!”