Evanescence Make Bold Pearl Jam & Nirvana Claim


Evanescence singer Amy Lee praised Grunge bands in a new 105.7 interview.

“I’ve gone through phases, and I’ve always been sort of a cherry picker of genres. I never was like, ‘This is me.’

“There was a time where I’m like, ‘Grunge, that’s it.’ That’s when I was 13. So it was Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam all the way, over and over and over.

“And I was still on tapes, I was one of the old-school people, it was still just listening to my Pearl Jam tape, wearing it out. I know what’s the first song of the B-side.

“So that was me but then it definitely got a lot more diverse just quickly because that time in music, alternative music was such this beautiful broad space for stuff to just be whatever.

“And the more unique it was, and the quirkier it was, the cooler it was. And that in itself really inspired me.

“I fell in love with Bjork, Beck, The Smashing Pumpkins… I like things that have a little bit of a melody or pop sensibility.

“I can get into metal, I used to go to death metal shows, I love Pantera but it doesn’t satisfy my whole realm of need in music.

“And my favorite type of heavy music usually has some sort of a melody at some point coming in because I love melody.”