Dave Abbruzzese Plays Pearl Jam “Go” In New Video


Let’s take a big ‘ol nostalgic trip down memory lane, the music world was recently treated to an electrifying surprise when former Pearl Jam drummer Dave Abbruzzese showcased his undeniable talent with a captivating cover of the band’s hit song “Go” on YouTube. Accompanied by the dynamic group PJX (Australia’s Pearl Jam Experience), Abbruzzese’s performance transported fans back to the iconic era of Pearl Jam’s VS album, igniting a wave of excitement and admiration across the globe.

Since his departure from Pearl Jam in 1994, Dave Abbruzzese has remained a celebrated and respected figure in the music industry. His exceptional drumming skills and infectious energy were an integral part of the band’s early success, and fans have always held a special place in their hearts for his contribution to Pearl Jam’s distinctive sound. With his cover of ‘GO,’ Abbruzzese reminded the world why he was an essential part of the band’s legacy.

As the familiar riff of ‘GO’ reverberates through the speakers, it becomes evident that this cover is something extraordinary. Abbruzzese’s drumming is as impeccable as ever, driving the song forward with a raw intensity that made Pearl Jam’s early performances so legendary. With every beat, it’s clear that Abbruzzese hasn’t lost a single ounce of his signature style and power behind the drum kit.

The lead singer of PJX takes on the daunting task of replicating Eddie Vedder’s vocals, and surprisingly, he delivers a stunning performance. While no one can truly replicate Vedder’s distinct voice, the vocalist from PJX captures the essence and emotion of ‘GO,’ paying tribute to the original without trying to imitate it entirely. This delicate balance creates a rendition that is both a homage to Pearl Jam and a unique interpretation in its own right.

Watching the video feels like stepping into a time machine, witnessing Dave Abbruzzese in his prime during the ‘VS’ era. It’s a heartwarming reminder of the impact he had on Pearl Jam’s music and the fervor he brought to their live shows. For fans who have followed Pearl Jam’s journey since the beginning, this cover is a testament to the magic that can be rekindled when extraordinary musicians join forces.

However, the video also serves as a gentle reminder of the complex relationships that can exist within a band. Despite his significant contributions to the early success of Pearl Jam, Abbruzzese’s departure from the group was not without tension. While it is heartening to see him showcase his talent with PJX, it also underscores the importance of communication and camaraderie within a band’s dynamic.

As the ‘GO’ cover by Dave Abbruzzese and PJX continues to garner views and praise on YouTube, fans are left yearning for more. It reignites the hope that perhaps one day, we might witness a reunion of the early Pearl Jam lineup, where Abbruzzese’s incredible talent can once again shine alongside his former bandmates.

Until that day comes, we can only express our gratitude for this extraordinary cover that allowed us to relive the magic of Dave Abbruzzese and Pearl Jam’s timeless music. It’s a reminder that even as time marches on, the impact of these musicians and their artistry continues to resonate deeply with fans, leaving an indelible mark on the history of rock ‘n’ roll.