Slash Son Rips ‘Second Coming’ Of Stone Temple Pilots Claim

Photo credit: Rocco Guarino

Slash’s son London Hudson has ripped people who see his new band Suspect208 as the ‘second coming’ and derivative of Velvet Revolver, Stone Temple Pilots, and other bands associated with the fathers of the members. Scott Weiland’s son Noah Weiland fronts the band, while Robert Trujillo’s son Tye Trujillo plays bass.

London said, “There will never be another VR. My band is not and will never be a second coming of Guns N’ Roses, VR, STP, or Metallica. So if you came expecting just another rock n roll group, I politely say GO FUCK YOURSELF.”

Fans on YouTube have high hopes for Suspect208, seeing them as the next great hope for rock and roll. Caleb Sánchez commented, “This is a great song, the worst thing we can do is compare them with their parents and expect the same or more than they do. Let’s enjoy its good sound.”

Ghost of Cyfair added, “Scott Weiland would be proud. No one else can pull off Scott’s vocals like his son. Not Chester Bennington, not Axl Rose, nobody. I’m fucking psyched about this.”

Tim Plummer wrote, “Scott Weiland lives through his son, this is killer. Sounds like new age STP, so diggin it!”

Nicholas Bailey chimed in, “Weiland’s son sounds remarkably like his father. The vocal treatment is reminiscent of the STP No. 4 album. Harmonies are on point. This could’ve benefited from some rearranging and rhythmic fine tuning, overall = promising band. Kudos on the signature Slash solo sound, got a nice bite. Very cool to hear this tune.”

Tony Howell concluded, “I must have played this at least 50 times already. Scott was by far my favorite frontman , almost been 5 years and I still can’t get over his passing. This track is just fantastic, although Noah is his son you probably wouldn’t expect him to sound so very damn similar. Can’t wait for what is too come from these talented individuals. Listening to new STP I will admit they sound OK, but it just feels wrong so I don’t.

But this feels right for sure, I’m just overwhelmed with joy!!! Let’s hope Noah has the same charisma and stage presence as his immensely talented late great father. RIP Scott, I’m sure this will help. WOW.”